Rare Baby Bus A318 Comlux Aviation Visit Balikpapan WALL/BPN

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to The first week of December ☺️ i hope you guys are excited for 21.8 Update and the Christmas Holiday. So Today i wanted to show you a special highlight of Pictures of my Plane Spotting in Sunday, 5 December 2021

On that date
An Airbus ACJ (A318-112(CJ) Elite) Universal Entertainment operated by Comlux Aviation (9H-UEC) is on a charter flight from Jakarta (WIHH/HLP) and Landed at Balikpapan Sepinggan Airport (WALL/BPN) located in the East of Borneo Island, Indonesia

We all know that the Baby bus A318 is not a plane that we can see often anymore so i wanted to share the beauty of her

A bit of fun fact, Sam Chui has been on this plane before 🤩

Hope you enjoy 😊

From 1-10 Which is your favorite ☺️ let me know!


My favorite is the third!

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Lovely choice 😍👌

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its so hard to figure out how the 318 can even be profitable for an airline to operate

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Despite it’s smaller body i do kinda agree with your statement, but still it’s a Great aircraft manufactured by Airbus 🤩

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I loved the fourth one the most, and the A318 is becoming an increasingly rare aircraft especially with many already or planned to be retired soon by airlines. Glad to see it still flying with Comlux!

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Indeed it is not a plane that you see everyday, im also glad i can capture that beauty 😍 btw great choices on the Number 4 😁👌

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