Rare arrival at JFK

Just caught the Saudi Ministry of Finace arriving in New York. (Runway 22L @7:15pm eastern time) wish I knew the reason.


I’ve move it to real world aviation because it didn’t quite fit in the spotting category:)

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Nice plane!

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In a 739? Hi did it even fly that far

Well if an A318 can go from LCY-JFK non-stop, I suppose it’s possible ;)

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I never understood that

Neither do I, and I live in NYC.

By the way, welcome! :)

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Doesn’t BA A318s make a stop in Shannon before going to JFK and going back to London?


That’s only sometimes.

What a surprise…😦


Actually the other way around, it stops at Shannon if there isn’t enough fuel. Many people wouldn’t take a 100 seater 3000 miles rather than a 400 seater 3000 miles, so it depends on the weight, that’s because the weight of the aircraft may have too much drag causing more fuel consumption :)

Oh I understand…thanks al lot!

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It stops at Shannon when it’s London to New York as the runway at LCY isn’t long enough for a take off with full fuel. However, on the return flight there is no need for a stop.


Ok thanks :) I always mix that up :/

YVR got a Qatar A343 today because a government visit. Anyways nice catch.


It’s a BBJ-3, more range than a standard -900ER



A318 squeezes out of LCY with enough fuel for SNN, not JFK. Thus it makes the stopover. There’s a great topic on here with more info, I won’t go further away from the OP’s topic


Thanks for the explanation! :)

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For anyone who lives in or near Boston (BOS) there is sometimes a Scandinavian 737 BBJ that comes in from Copenhagen…If only someone could please tell me how a 737-700 (BBJ) makes it from COPENHAGEN to Boston!?


Refuel in Iceland? Hahaha ;)

Because it’s a private variant of the 737, so it’s an executive jet disguised as a commercial plane and has more fuel capacity, because it’s originally a private jet :)