Raptor doing its guard duties.

Formation flying with a friend from Dubai to Bahrain.

Casual server OMDB - OBBI
Sunset flying around 18:30



I think you are way too close.

the 3 and 4 ones

But love it!

Great work and great guard!
I love this type of guards!

Love that Boeing 737 BBJ Livery. Great idea. 👍

If you’re interested in the Coast Guard, take a look at USCG Virtual 😉

EDIT: just realised you said guard, not coast guard. Time for new glasses I think.

Very nice!

That’s escorting for you, its also on casual so it doesn’t matter much And no I don’t mean because it’s casual he can do whatever he wants. (Trolling)

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Nice work i like the pics👌🏽