Rapid runway exits

The following is a rapid runway exit (rapid exit taxiway):

We have these in aviation so that planes can exit the runway quickly making way for other aircraft that may be on approach. In IF, the taxiway speed restriction of 35kts still apply on these taxiways even though aircraft are able to exit the runway onto these taxiways at speeds up to 50kts. I feel like proper use of these high speed exits may lead to other users getting violations. Does anyone else think that IF should change to accommodate aircraft travelling at speeds below 50kts on these taxiways?

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I take this high speed exits all the time and i slow down on taxiway its not a big deal.

This should be in Features😀


I feel like 60 knts is too fast, but it could change to 40 knts max,

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Yeah, you can actually exit at 60kts and slow down once you exit, I believe it allows you like 10 seconds before a violation


The restriction is at 35kts (Ground Speed).


I’ve personally never had issues with the high speed taxiways. You’re given enough time to slow down and if you can you’re probably going too fast anyway.


I knew that, and I can assure that when I make use of this, I get a violation notification :/

If this lets Aircraft get off the runway quicker, I’m all for it.


I exit these taxiways up to 50-60 knots at times. The violation kicks in 20 seconds after the initial warning. That is ample time to slow down from 60 to <35 and I’ve never received a violation because of it.

I don’t think we need a separate speed restriction for these high speed taxiways. If you cannot slow the plane down from 60 to 35 knots within 20 seconds, we have bigger problems to worry about.


It’s 20 seconds FYI.

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There wouldn’t be a huge difference in update from 35kts to 40kts. Also the point of his feature is to be more realistic and they exit runways at 50kts. No need to change the speeds.

The problem is not changing the speed limit, but how to differentiate the two types of taxiways. Through WED , the program used to make the airport data, theirs no real way of doing so apart form surface, if it’s either grass, asphalt, concrete etc. I believe it’s still the same, it’s been a while since I used it.

Like the idea but it’s a little more complicated than what it seems. :)

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It’s not a bad idea! I think it would serve well! If aircraft actually go up to 50kts on these kinds of taxiways, then it should be in IF, because IF of course wants to be as realistic as possible!

Well, even better.

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