Rapid Exit Taxiway (RET) Speed increase

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Ah I see but I suppose the sim keeps innovating if it’s your belief that it’s too tricky to pull off right now then I’m sure it’ll be possible given enough time.

That is if the software will actually give the option to differentiate between taxiways. In WED, taxiways are just taxiways. If I’m correct, IF doesn’t control what WED gives in terms of features.

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Is that software set in stone or can it be adapted to allow features like these? I’m not familiar with the coding side I’m afraid.

Not 100% sure. I believe it is set as the base software with nothing else.

Isn’t that kind of restrictive developmentally? Do you think it’s a possibility of a having brand new software or is everything that has been done for the past 8 years only compatible with the current one?

There are more features that WED has that IF doesn’t. It’s primarily made for development on X-Plane. Taxiway diffraction is most likely not one of them. 3D modelling (I believe), taxiway lights, sealanes, signs, et cetera are possible. The taxiway lights we can include so it gets enabled in the future, same thing with things like windsocks. The rest of the examples we don’t include

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This would be awesome to have. Great request! 😎

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There is a few airports that does have them. Just remember that the Devs building of airports is similar to real world to maximize the realness of the simulator. If airports have RET they have them if they dont that means they dont have them in real life.

This is so much needed, so when atc tells you to expedite exit you don’t risk getting a violation.

Unfortunately I’m out of votes

I regularly witness and monitor landing and taxi speeds at KDEN in real time. It appears when aircraft enter or exit the runways to continue across main taxiways, they run 45-50knots. As they get close to the airport they slow to 30knots. On minor taxiways and then when entering the ramp areas down to 20knts or less.
The 35knot penalty on main taxiways causes congestion at busy airports and an increase in fuel usage. I’m going to pull KDEN taxi procedures and speeds to see what they really are. Plus take off speeds below 10k are much faster than 250knots to get the aircraft up and out quickly. The tower and approach enforce the 250knot or less when landing or defending however.
I think a real review of major airport policies may be in order and come up with something that will work in the app a bit better.

I’m not exactly sure if IF can identify which exits are high speed and which are not, because that process would need to be automatic