Rapid Exit Taxiway (RET) Speed increase

What are Rapid Exit Taxiways

They are taxiways which allow for quicker exit of the runway.


As you can see it should allow for an aircraft to exit faster than a standard 90 degree exit as demonstrated further up the runway.

In IF as soon as you exit the runway you are limited to 35KTS. To ensure you do not receive a violation nearly everyone leaves this exit at 35 KTS or less to avoid a violation.

My Suggestion is that the speed is increased to 50KTS until you join the “Straight Taxiway” as shown on this image. This would make life much easier when it is very busy as aircraft landing will spend less time on the runway allowing for planes to get out slightly faster.

You may questions why is it needed however it is used IRL and will make things slightly easier for controllers.

100% in support of this, the only issue is i don’t know anyway of differentiating between the different types. Currently i will exit via a RET at 35-50 knots and as long as i have the brake on i don’t normally receive violations, but i think alot of people exit slower as they are scared of getting violations. Would be good for realism


This makes a lot of sense. I am in support of this!


I love this idea! :)


I agree with what @Insertusernamehere said. I usually exit the runway above 35 knots, but put the brakes on before I can get a violation. But this is a pretty good idea

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I like this idea, but I feel people will blast through it at 50 kts, go on the “straight” taxiway, get a violation, and then ask why they recieved one especially if they don’t know when/where it starts and ends. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice idea though.


I know people would exit at 50 but as soon as they enter the straight taxiway it would be pretty obvious it is violation worthy cause of a warning. Also after they’ve done it once unless they are stupid they won’t do it again so it would be a helpful lesson learnt in my opinion

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I don’t really think I’ll vote for this. It should be a feature in the game without request. This would help so much. Only problem is coding this will likely be difficult.

True, I think this would occur more on TS1 though. Again, it’s a nice idea and if I did have any votes to spare I would vote for this.

Supporting this as well, but too hard to implement I guess because the ifae team doesnt differentiate between different taxiway options.
Good thought, maybe the devs can make a miracle happen :)


Correct, as in X-Plane taxi limits don’t exist (they expect you to be sensible). Maybe everything within 100 feet of the runway (the exits but not parallel taxiways) doesn’t have 35 knot restriction?

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Sydney Intl (YSSY)

Are all those RETs? The ones circled in red?

I believe those are the RET’s

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All seem to be except Tango 3 & 4

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I think this would be a great addition to IF as it would make it so much more realistic turning off the runway at 50knots with brakes on and not 34knots with brakes off holding up planes trying to land and takeoff. I would love this to be implemented in the game as soon as possible. Especially now that Global is out and some busy airport don’t have many exits and people get out into unwanted go-around as planes just can’t exit the runway fast enough as they have to wait until they reach 35knots.

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Cool idea. Will definitely speed up the whole process on crowded airports.

Big Bump for this these would be essential for getting aircraft off the runway quickly especially at busy hubs on the expert server.

Not sure if IFAET can differentiate between a normal taxiway and an RET. Highly doubt it is possible.

I suppose only the IFAET know would be interesting to see if they could.

Keep in mind I am in that group. Sorry if I worded that wrong. Looks like a nightmare to execute in my eyes.