Rap Fly-Out Compton |KLAX| 101700APR20

D.R.E Aviator Reiteration, By @TheGuy (WARNING VERY CORNY)

I’m still with ya
Still waters run deep
Still Fly, ‘LAX boy
Guess who’s back
Still doing that huh TheGuy?
(Oh for sho’, check me out)

It’s still Float Day (Yeah), AK-(Yeah)
Though I’ve grown a lot, can’t keep it home a lot
'Cause when I frequent the spots that I’m known to flare
You hear the clearance from the tower when I’m on the base
Ladies they pay homage, but haters say I fell off
How? my last landing was The Chronic.

|Compton Fly-Out Back Story For Y'all|

So from my last fly-out that was flying out of Detroit which had a nice amount of participants,
So we will fly-out from KLAX because Compton is LA and I want a bigger Airport for this fly-out
You pick the Aircraft and Route you would like to fly and I will put it in.

|Information For Y'all|

Time - 2020-04-10T19:00:00Z, Will be when the flight takes place. Hope to see you.
Aircraft -Any aircraft that is supported at KLAX
Server - Training

|Gate Info For Y'all|

Those are the gates that we will be using, If more gates are needed I will add them.
Also you choose the Aircraft and Route you would like to fly.

Terminal 3 Gates

Will Be Added When People Sign Up

Terminal 2 Gates

Will Be Added When People Sign Up

|A Quick Statement From Me|

I like to keep my Fly-Outs super simple I just want to share my passion for Rap and Aviation and people might think my Fly-Out is too simple and too little detail, I just like to keep it simple that’s all, hope you understand. Also tell me if something needs fixing.

Sincerely, @TheGuy


Hey, I will sign up. I may have to cancel. I will take a Delta 737-800. You can just fit me in a gate.

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This is a failure @Yes

RIP. How’d the last one get so popular?

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Did a bunch of grade 2 people sign up?

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I think so should I change?

Ima change for the better

Put me down for a AC 789 to CYYZ. I don’t care what gate. I wish I could’ve attended the last one…:(

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Sure thing will do tommorow.

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Even if we don’t get many sign ups LAX should be busy.

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I may be on a different account for this flight. But, that shouldn’t be a issue as I am still grade 2 on it.

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@Pajd02 @Yes, I might have to cancel this fly-out

Damn:( okay

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