Ranking System for American VA

I am thinking about joining the American VA, but I wanted to know their ranking system before I applied for their VA. Does anyone know ranking system? (Sorry if this is in the wrong section I didn’t know where to keep it)

Did you apply yet?

No I wanted to know their ranking system before applying!

Pretty sure you can always contact @AmericanVirtual or their CEO for questions and concerns!

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A mod can now close this

Hey, Take a look here! American Virtual | Innovative New Crew Center


You can look at AAVAs official thread but here are the ranks

Edit: oops sorry Rafa


Hi! Please do not base our rank structure off of the link to our crew center thread. Unfortunately we can no longer update it. The list @NoahM provided is correct and up to date, directly from our slack.

Hope to see you soon!


Please check out the list of VA on the IFVARB database with links to the specific VA website to find information on their rank structure. Ranks vary by VA.