Ranking live flight

Hello IF,
After some time I am looping into my IF account, I am grade 3,was 5!
Only by flying few knots too fast in 2years? This can not be correct!

What has changed? How long do I need to wait to get rid of this?

Violations get removed 7 days after receiving them. Check your logbook for information regarding your violations

You have a max speed under 10,000 feet. When you exceed that speed you first get a warning and then you’ll get a violation.

You have 1 too many reports made by ATC in the past 2 years. Check your logbook about when you got your oldest report. When you surpass that date you will be down by one report/ghosting and will be able to rank up to Grade 4 and further on to Grade 5 as your reports one by one fall as time goes by.


Since there reports or ghosting by IFATC they will not be undone. Especially with the amount of time that has passed. Read this for more info, things have changed with the new update.


Check when your first ever ghosting (report) was, within two years and that’s when you will be able to get back to grade 4.


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