Ranking From Favorite to least Favorite aircraft

I wanted to post my ranking on @Darpan but It was closed so I wanted to continue it here from @Darpan thread and wanted to see what aircraft you fly Here is the link to create it also please post it here

Credit to Darpen for creating this


I forgot this existed…

I might’ve filled this out in the past, but I don’t remember it if I did. So I decided to do it again. 🙃

Just noticed. A majority your least-favorites are my favorites. Looks like we got a coincidence on our hands, lol. 😂

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Here is mine

Here’s mine

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Here you are! I think if A340-600 had more liveries would be more popular :(

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It has all of the liveries except for Etihad Regular (currently has Etihad Formula One) I’m pretty sure. It just needs a complete rework with accurate physics and fuel consumption.

… Iberia, China Eastern, Cathay Pacific, Hainan, Mahan Air

Oh… I’m stupid

Here’s mine. Love the A-10, C172, and the 737 series. Wish we’d get more military. Maybe the C-17 could be the next aircraft to be reworked. :D


Here’s mine!

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Well this is mine.

I tried to keep the “love flying” to a limit since I actually love most aircraft I just don’t fly them as much.

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well here’s mine

This is what I came up with. By the way, I almost forgot tier lists existed 😂


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Just realized how many planes I never fly

I don’t fly narrow body at all

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You should.

Here’s mine:

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Don’t hate on me for loving the current C-17 😂 It needs a rework