Rankin Road Gone... Again...

Well, Rankin Road has closed yet again. This time, it might be for 2+ years. IAH is constantly expanding, and with all that expansion comes construction. They decided to build some new taxiways, and when you build taxiways, you need dirt. Sooooo… The city decided to be cheap and use the dirt from Mount Rankin. Here is the current status of the hill:

So yeah, they are pretty much taking the dirt from the hill to use on new construction of the airport. Soon, the hill will be gone.

In good news, I found a new spot that will enable me to see some departures from the 15s like Rankin does. Here is a picture I got today from that new spot off of Greens road:

So, we will see how this plays out.


BTW, I’m back from LA and boy oh boy have I got some amazing pictures. Heres a sneak peak:


Is it just me or does that picture of the United 777 look like its from Infinite Flight?

Anyway, nice find - I’ll be sure to check this out when I travel to Houston in the New Year

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Where are the new taxiways going to be?

Don’t go near the construction site or they will call the cops if you do plan on going near it…

I won’t xD

It looks like they are just expanding and adding taxiway near the Atlantic Aviation ramp and the Express Jet hanger area.

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Interesting. Maybe I’ll see some of it when I fly in two weeks from now 🤔


Red is Rankin and the Green is the general construction area.

This is a view of the start of 33s (end of 15s)

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