Rank these photos if so

Basically I know my edits are like good but weird since the colors but who care…anyway did editing on the photos of my good flight I’ve done (some might be overedited) so here

Banana Bus heading out of Texas
KIAH-KTPA/1:48/A321 Spirit airlines

Kai Tak approach with the MD-11 From Rome
LIRF-VHHX/10:10/MD-11 Alitalia

Meanwhile in the South Atlantic Ocean…
SBGL-EDDF/11:40/A330 Lufthansa

Waiting in line in KLAS

Loading Up
KJFK-KACK/00:42/CRJ-200 Infinite Flight

Landing with some props at Luxembourg
LSZH-ELLX/00:52/737-700 LuxAir

Climbing Out of Kuala Lumpur
WMKK-EHAM/12:19/747-400 Malaysian

Moonshot +Ryanair
LIMC-LSZH/00:32/737-800 Ryanair

EGKK-EBBR/00:54/757-200 British Airways

Heading into Long Island, New York

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Sorry if the 3rd photo is weird with the textures at night bright

The second photo is beautiful! Your edits look amazing!

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Between 4 and 8!

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Ohh it was soo hard to decide between number 2 and number 5. I voted for number 2 but equal credit goes to number 5 as well :)

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@Aviation3 Thanks! a lot

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