Rank System

I am currently trying to rank up to Level 2, is there any way to see my progression towards it?

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I don’t believe there is,
if I remember correctly, they don’t do it so people don’t try get a higher position it just comes with time.

We speaking about the Forum or the Sim?

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yes sir, the forms. I feeling like i have been at level 1 forever

Check this out.

I have read this countless times and it doesnt do anything

You just have to keep contributing to the forum. There is no specific “mark” you have to meet for your trust level. It feels hard sometimes, but it can be fun. :) good luck and I hope you make it to TL2!! (TL=Trust Level)

Tips to TL2:
•Posting more
•Liking more posts
•Having a solution for a support topic
•Earning more badges
•Frequently visiting the forum often

Sorry I know that all of this won’t help but some of it should.

Good luck,


You can’t see your progress because the idea is to make people not do just what it takes to get to TLX. This way people are more open and such on the community.

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Oh. This won’t affect your Trust level at all.

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Precisely why I added this. ;)


@JT_Playz thank you for showing me this


Yeah no problem! Glad to be of help! Cheers and good luck!😉


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