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Hey guys, last week I got a ghosting for flying like crazy in an f-22, it’s been 9 days but I’m still rank 2. When i click to see if it’s something else that’s stopping me from rank 3, my game crashes. Is this a known issue?


Probably cause of the new requirements that each grade has

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Right now there is a known issue with the grade table crashing the app. The staff team is working hard to solve this issue

Check Out the new Grade Table:

This is most likely the reason why you are not back up to Grade 3. If you exit your flight and go to the main page and then to your grade screen… It shouldn’t crash to my knowledge. Let me know if it does - but if not, check what you need


I definitely meet all the requirements for G3… not sure why this is happening! Thanks for your response!

Then it’s the known glitch, hopefully it will be fixed soon!

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I can only reproduce the Grade Table crashing during flight itself. If you exit your flight and go to the main home screen… go to the top right corner —> click on your display name —> i next to grade and then check.

If it does indeed crash, I apologize… But I can’t reproduce it like this.

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