[Rank] ATC supervisor that regulates unicom frequencies and ghost. (Expert server)

Lets say, there is XX amount of people landing at KLAX but uh oh KLAX is unicom since no one is controlling or its not that busy so no one wants to control it.

I propose we add a rank where the ATC supervisor would be able to “control” multiple frequencies (up to 5) and his/her job is to make sure no one is breaking the rules or just taking off whenever they feel like it. The only power they have is ghosting. Since they wouldn’t be able to control a unicom only regulate it.

This is what in-game mods are for. :)


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I never see any though, how would they ghost??

Neither do I. Maybe we need to get more in-game mods.


Our report is equal to a soft ghost by ATC. Since there no ghosting on TS, we won’t ghost there.


If I was allowed to ghost on the training servers I would for people who clearly are purposely making things difficult for others trying to learn.


I meant on the expert server. Whenever there is unicom there is always a couple of users breaking the rules.

Don’t IFATC ghost people in TS, only when theirs a practical test happening?