Rank 3 problems

7 days ago I got banned for disregarding Atc instruction. I still haven’t been able to get back on expert server 7 days later.

All help would be appreciated.


Hop into a quick flight on the casual server, then open the expert server and start flying again!

Cheers mate! Have a good one!

I have tried that but do you think it has to be at the exact time I got banned seven days ago

May I ask when you got banned, like what time?

9 or 10 am us eastern time

I don’t think it has to be the exact time. But I could be wrong.

Ok. Thanks for the help. Cheers mate!

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It has to be the exact time. Same happend with me and it didn’t start after the exact time if it doesn’t start pls let us know.

How many level 3 violations do you have in total?

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