Range Question

Hello everyone! I like to fly realistic routes with realistic aircraft. When I fly Delta on the simulator I check the range on the Delta website. Is it just me or do the ranges seem short for some of the aircraft on Delta’s website like the 737-900. In real life I feel like the 737-900 does longer flights than what the range says on their website. Please let me know, thank you!

I assume that delta is just ripping those numbers off the manufacturer advertised specs, but in reality there will be a lot of factors affecting range. I don’t think the aircraft would be capable or a flight dramatically longer but it may be able to fly somewhat further under ideal circumstances.

The range delta quotes on their website (2,800 miles/2,400 nm) is about 200 nm longer than a U.S. transcontinental flight and a little under the length required for a transatlantic flight. I feel like this roughly checks out with the 737-900 routes I am aware of, don’t think any 737 ng models regularly cross the Atlantic, only the longer ranged MAX aircraft do that and even then the shorter crossings.


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