Range of ATC

How far is the range of ATC when getting closer to an airport with active ATC and before you see it in the frequency box I know you can call from the ATC list but how far is it?

I believe it is 50 nautical miles.

I’m approaching Atlanta but the ATIS is not working

Already answered here ATIS not working - #4 by RafaelPadilla, use this as a reference.

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Tower - 25 nm
Radar - 75 nm
ATIS - a bit more than 75 if I remember

Earlier way to tune in is to select the airport on the map and then tune from there

Here is the range for your reference

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It is kind of silly that planes can stay tuned into ATC even after they have flown out of range. Pilots often fail to tune out of Tower and are still on frequency when they are hundreds of miles away… Bug maybe?

It’s just pilots who don’t know that they are supposed to tune out, not a bug that I know of

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