Range aircrafts and penalties

Hey IFC,

I’m asking you guys because I’ve no idea how to treat this situation: while I was on my routes to busy airports (I’m mostly using procedures) it happened to me quite a few times that my airplane was very close to other airplanes. I would describe my flight routine as very defensive in general. However I can’t say this regarding the pilots that headed the same flight routes as I did.
If possible I try to evade their course an force my plane to increase distance.
But one time this has become worse: I got myself a level 2 violation and frankly speaking: this somehow feels unfair. As I was on straight course the other plane (VFR) cut my course 2 times. I tried to lower my altitude to evade him, but wasn’t fast enough. And boom: disconnected. I’m not sure if the other player got treated as well. But I don’t really care. Because I got that penalty. And I’m serious: this sucks so hard.
Since that happened to me I’m even more attentive regarding other pilots. But somehow it feels I was betrayed regarding my violations. Until then I only got 3 lvl 1 violations in total.

What is your experience. How do you guys handle such circumstances. (If you have ever been in the same situation)?


IFATC are trained to do what they do, especially in situations like this.

You could check your logbook and contact the controller to potentially get the report reversed.

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That’s what I did. Not response until today.

Hi, Rey
First of all, I would recommend contacting @appeals, as it seems you might get your violation removed for good pilot history. Second of all, in situations like this, the approach controller is the one who makes decisions. Self issued deviations are not allowed while under IFATC control.


Sure, I trust them. But how would you judge this situation? There was no message regarding separation to one of us.

Thanks for your advice.

You’re welcome. Always nice to see people calmly trying to look back at their violations and trying to find out who was in the right


I would PM the controller.

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Absolutely. First I didn’t want to complain about that. But there was also no reason given, regarding this violation. And this feels even more bad.

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