Randoms can be nice

ladies and gentlemen

today, something unexpected happened. As I was flying around in the carribean in my beautiful F18, @puma30498 came up to me when I was doing touch and goes at an airfield. This unplanned meet up lead to some nice formation flying!

undetailed details

Server: Expert
Route: Touch n Goes at a Carribean airport
Aircraft: F18

let’s begin, shall we?

fun fact: rotate has 2 syllables in it

favourite shot of the day

me landing as puma flies over

in all seriousness, the F18 might just be the most underrated rework of all time

thanks and ciao!


A-10: Am I a joke to you?


Stunning photos!


Thank you!

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i may or may not have forgotten about the A-10


Amazing photos! Really liked the second one!

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I wish this would happen to me lol but when I stream on YTI have an escort who comes for me no matter what lol


Guau increíble buen trabajo 👍👍

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Gracias señor

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Yoooooo I did not expect that that little simple flight became such a cinematic experience, MIND BLOWN

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Ayyyy, I didn’t expect you to respond @puma30498! It was a awesome little flight, and a little editing does the trick 😉 🪄

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