Randomly Freezing

Hello there,

I own an iPad Air 2 and it’s running the latest iOS 11.3 beta. I am currently in flight to KATL and I really don’t want my app to crash randomly while landing.
IF keeps freezing and sometimes crashing since I installed “Global” when it came out.

Anything I can do at the moment?

IF version is the latest version that’s available to date.

I’ve also reported a random crash bug on iPad Air 2

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Your only option would be to lower graphics and such… You are using a beta version and that might be a problem. But there’s not much to do if you don’t wanna quit.

@WUMBABA is having the same issue. I guess it is the device itself, it is almost 4 years old. The only things you can do are mentioned above.

mine’s not even 1 year old.

The device model, not your device. The iPad Air 2 was released in 2014.

Have you followed the steps mentioned in the FAQ which i linked in your previous topic?

I’ve just deleted and reinstalled my app lets see if that’ll solve it…

The iPad Air2 was what I used until I recently got a new iPad Pro. It is compatible with Global, but it’s right at the edge of its capabilities, so the occasional crash is not all that uncommon for the device. Changing the graphics settings was the best option for lessening the load on the processing, but it’s still kind of pushing it with the demands of Global.


Might I add, this year the Air 2 will be coming on 4 years old. That’s usually the period where the iPads start slowing down, it’s been that way with the current advancements in technology where an iPad would last a good 4 years then you look for a replacement.

I feel your frustration. I had an air 2 and it started to get laggy , bought it brand new and only had infinite flight on it . Clearing the ram did help but in the end I just bought the iPad Pro 12.9 2nd gen which works flawlessly. Still I must say the air 2 is a good device even at its age .

The Air 2 sucks for global, I have the same problems.

The reason for the app freeze is the hardware in the device the air 2 packs a A8X chip with 64‑bit architecture
M8 motion coprocessor
the freezing most likely occurs because of the chip and processor the best thing you can do for the device is turn off before every flight clear the ram and make sure the graphic settings are not to high as well as making sure no apps are running in the background

Hopefully you get a better device soon but for now hopefully these settings help

Next time when it happens, try to open control center(Swipe up from down) then click on record screen, once it started recording let it record for few seconds when you are in the game then open control center then turn off the screen recording.
Then see what happens on the game.
Me personally long time haven’t reboot my ipad so it freezes, but this trick I used then it was better and I don’t need to reboot my device or close the app nor clean the ram.

btw I am using iPad 2017 32gb

Do you think pro 10.5 is good enough?

Do you think it’s worth?

I use the iPad Air 2 as well, and while I’ve had no issues for the most part on the highest graphic settings, it freezes up a lot more since the most recent update. I’m also on the iOS 11.3 beta and what I will say is Apple’s beta software is notoriously unstable, so that may be part of the issue, but also IF may be starting to push the Air 2 since the last update. After all, the app is improving, and your device hardware isn’t ;)

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I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and most of time it seemed like it fixed it. I’ll test it to its max tonight at KLAX

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Good luck! Infinite Flight is the only app I have on my iPad now and it’s still struggling from time to time. Not terrible though, usually happens in busy airspace.

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Most people say extremely positive things about the model. That being said, I was planning on waiting for the newest pro model since that will be less than a year away most likely.

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I recently bought an iPad Pro 10.5 inch. It can handle global on max settings most of the time although it does struggle a bit. Its a tradeoff I did as I didn’t want to use my iPhone 8 for IF anymore. The screen was too small but it could handle just about anything in IF without any lag or freezing. This is due to that monster chip (a11 bionic).

Long story short. If you need a new device now, get the iPad Pro. If you don’t, wait till the new one is released, most likely in June. If you can live with a smaller screen and also happens to benefit from buying a new phone, get any of the new Iphones as the A11 chip is stupidly powerful.


Oh yeah definitely, I’ll get the iPhone X in a couple of weeks so I’m looking forward to it. Hoping the experience is good…

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