Randomly Changing Cloud Conditions

As of now, cloud conditions in Infinite Flight are static. I know that they were planning on having the clouds linked to real weather but that did not happen. I don’t know if the issue was processing the weather data or actually getting the clouds to move, but if it was the former, this feature would be a bit of a temporary compromise.

My idea is that over time, the density and height of the clouds vary automatically. Maybe after ten minutes or something, the app would automatically change the cloud variables.

While this would not be a replacement for eventually linking clouds to real weather conditions, in the mean time it would be nice to not have to manually change the clouds.

Idk about u but for now i like being able to control the density and height of my clouds

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I usually set up clouds to the METAR

Maybe it could be a button you click then like how you can still control the time but can also use real world time