Random "You're in an Active Airspace..." Message

Today I was flying on the Advanced server in the Hawai’i region, and after receiving pattern instructions and clearance to land, I turn final and just as I am setting up for touchdown I get the, “You’re in an Active Airspace…” On guard message from the Tower at PHNL. Had this been on PG, I would not have been really surprised, but because it was on Advanced I was concerned as to what was going on. Well I responded to the message as best as I could but as soon as I touched-down on the runway everything went sideways (Due to me taking focus off the controls to respond so I didn’t get ghosted) and ended up sliding off to the side of the runway.

Thoughts on how I could have handled this better, or better yet how ATC could have handled it better?

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  1. Were you flying in to PHNL
  2. Did the controller come online whilst you were on short final or was it earlier, but you just didn’t notice
  3. How far away from landing were you?
  4. Fly the plane first because crashing isn’t exactly amazing

I was flying into PHNL

I don’t know if there was a change. I was focused on landing.

At 1,500 AGL descending at 800 ft/min

Did your wifi status go Orange after you were given pattern instructions?

Okay so first thing is be a little more aware. If you’re flying into a busy airport in a region that has other active ATC, it is very possible ATC may come online whilst you’re on final. Same goes for if your connection is iffy. Maybe divert if you keep going to orange.

On the flip side, ATC should allow aircraft on short final to land uninterrupted if they have recently come online.

As you’re at 1500ft MSL, you would have been about 5nm from landing. I personally think that should be enough to be able to call inbound if ATC contacts you, however at the same time if there is no significant traffic then ATC could have let you carry on uninterrupted.

No harm done (apart from dead pax).

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Wifi remained active.

There was an ATC that guided me into the pattern, so that is why I was confused unless they went offline and someone else came online. My biggest concern was being “ghosted” for not responding. I took a screen shot just to make sure I covered myself in the event that it happened. I have heard some horror stories of getting ghosted on Advanced.

Yeah you probably just contacted the airport when there was either no tower or the connection was bad. Just keep an eye out next time

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