Random Yahoo page keeps opening up

Recently during my flights a random yahoo page opens up, as if I searched up or clicked a Yahoo link in the game. I dont get this with any other app, only IF. Not sure why it happens but every time it does happen I end up risking my IF app to crash which Is exactly what happened on my long haul flight from LHR to JFK yesterday 6 to 7 hours in.

Thank you for any help

(This is somewhat what it looks like


We don’t trigger anything remotely related to that, so it’s not coming from the app.

From where is Infinite Flight downloaded?


Directly from the plat store.

Sidenote: litereally right after I posted this topic Ive received a google play virus warning from an app and I’ve uninstalled it. I’ll try play IF and see if it returns.


Which app did Google say had a virus?

An app called PIP selfie editor.

I really do not remember downloading this app or using it but I’ve uninstalled it.

Sounds good!
Worst case scenario;

Factory reset.