Random Violations

Hello whenever I do a flight I put on the AP after takeoff and go afk for a while and when I come back I randomly get speed violins and est kicked out of the game and I even got my grade 3 rating down to a grade 2 after this bug

2019 IPad Air

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You are most likely receiving these violations for over speeding.
If you could provide more information about when you perhaps leave (stage of the flight, what speed, altitude etc), what you set your autopilot too etc - you can probably get more specific answers :)


The higher your Alt the slower you may have to go to avoid overspeed

I checked some replayes and when I go afk when the plane is about 8000 feet climbing to 33000 the Vertical Speed goes up and then the plane has a stall and nose dives and during the nose dive I get the speed violations

Then you are climbing too steep and/or flying too slow.
This is unfortunately not a bug, but pilot error I’m afraid.

We strongly recommend monitoring your aircraft until you’re at stable cruise.


Okay, Thanks

Same goes for descent as well - to avoid getting any unwanted speeding violations - make sure you are at your device for your entire descent. Don’t turn on VNAV until you are active at your device.


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