Random violations?

Earlier today, I was flying in an F-22 out of NZWN. I departed runway 34. I was going 600kts climbing to FL160. I was not preforming any aerobatic maneuvers, or anything deemed “violation worthy”, and then this happened:

Can someone please explain why this happened and/or remove this from my history. I have no idea why this happened.
(To add to all of this, the violation was reported by another plane on the tarmac of NZWN and I along with the sim, as seen in the pic above, have no possible idea why this was reported…)

Thanks to anyone who helps 😊

Send @MishaCamp a message to inquire, he was the one who reported you 😊

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Can I forward him this?

He was tagged so he’ll get a notification, but you should still send him a PM. That’s the official process for inquiring/appealing reports.

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600kts in a Controlled Airspace is way to fast, be sure to check this out for more information on Fighter Jets

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I don’t want to get you involved but how can it be called an appeal if he doesn’t give me any reason why this happened?

If he was a pilot at the time then the system doesn’t give him an option to state a reason for the report. That’s why you should PM to inquire about the reasoning.

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Alrighty. Thanks for the help @Jake_Stopher and @anon77793723!