Random Violations

Hi support team.

I flew just another VA route in IF Trainings Server (not that it matters or has to do with my problem) and when i landed my plane and finished up my flight by ending it i notices i got 6!!! Violations on 1 flight. Im 100% sure i didn’t violate any airspeeds or such.

Could this be a trolling ATC or can’t these report violations? And only ghost users.

Please help i wont like to get any other random Violations. Since it ruins my flight experiences, and my goal to reach Grade 3 again after my progress loss.

Kind regards M. Horstede

Nobody can give violations. It it not from ATC or anyone else. Violations are purely system driven.

Take a look at your flight log and it will tell you the reason why.

What is your current callsign?

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Was going to reply but you beat me to it 😂😂

My callsign is USCG0205

Whilst this is of use, have you checked your logbook to see why you received the violations?

It says speed violations but i never topped over 250. Since i was on A/P

A/P or not doesn’t matter, some gusts of wind could make you go faster… Did you have any tail that you are aware of?

Than thats probably the problem bcs i put it on a/p 245 and left my device to make dinner 😂😅

Not that smart… Were you descending at that point?
And always keep and eye out on your speed during takeoff and landing.
Don’t put A/P at 245kts below 10000 feet.

If you have received Overspeed violations… #rekt

These cannot be undone. You’re just going to have to sit it out for a week.

To prevent this happening again, I would always recommend climbing below 245kts just to prevent any possibility of overspeed, and also monitor your device throughout all critical phases of the flight


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Nope just cruising at FL230

Thanks. Normally i climb at 230knts/240knts

Tail winds don’t make your airspeed go up. The only way wind affects your airspeed is if you’re going at 240knots and suddenly instantly the headwinds go up by 20+ knots.

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Yea… that’s what i meant, haha. Realized my mistake in explaining…

While we can’t tell what happened, we do see you had some erratic flying with some very high vertical speeds both positive and negative. Chances are this is when you recieved the speed violation.

Even towards the end of your flight it was a little erratic.

In summary:

  • Wait until you are at cruise before setting the AP and walking away.
  • Don’t set it so close to the limit
  • 245 may seem fine but if you were climbing it may be closer to stall speeds at higher altitude. Which will cause you to stall and get violations.

Ill sit out my 24h. Geuss i deserved it then.

Lesson learned :P

Be careful next time during these crucial moments of a flight ;)

Looks like a very bad landing to me XD

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