Random violations, no warning

Like the title says since today and yesterday I’ve notice that my violations have got up in a unnormal amount. I’ve flew from KLAX under 230 knots and flying at a altitude 14’000 speed and landing without getting a violation warning or a violation. Exit flight summary during mention any type of violations. I check how much landings I have and I see a 10 violations for three days and 2 violations for today when I only flew once in 24 hours and I got 2 violations. I didn’t took screenshot for the flight so took a new one and it says when I did a small no violated flight from ksea to kBFI and got 1 violations. Here are the screenshots of the flight


Well that’s…odd. Are you sure you weren’t looking at your GS?


Yes was it ground speed?

For the 250 below 10000 rule: 250kias
For the 35 knots taxi limit: 35GS

If you confuse these two then ggwp lol

I was under the speed limit. @JFKPlaneSpotter

abnormal not unnormal

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Is it possible to remove these random violation?

If there is a navigation alert, it will remain there so you can’t see your violation.

What’s navigation error. What do you have to do…

I mean by ap telling you to turn. Like turn to heading xx but that will cover the bar making sure you can’t see the text beneath.

Oh so no didn’t got that.

See the purple text at the top? That will cover all other messages.

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But still in the summary it didn’t say anything

Then someone probably hacked the system.

what do you mean hack the system

What server were you flying on?

Something like this?

On 2 server. Free flight doesn’t happen

You mean both PG and ADV?