Random violations, bugged overspeed sound.

I was looking at my screen whole time… Like… It is not my fault that game doesn’t show me that something is wrong… Speed was ok, no messages…

I was on final approach around 5 miles out and airspeed 180knots. The overspeed announcement continued and it would not go off. This was on Wednesday and I got 10 violations. How can that be. I am glad you have raised this. Thought it was just me

It is serious bug that HAS to be fixed. As you can see, im no the only one. It is ruining the experience!

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I had only 77 violations in a 2 year period with 378 landings before this. Was on verge of a 19% ratio to landi gs

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@John_Ryan… The standard Responce from the Wheel House John, its the man not the machine. The checks in the mail…Next… Max Sends

If any of you can find a stable way of reproducing this one, please feel free to tell us.
So far we’ve only seen a very few cases of this, probably no more than a handful. The problem with that is thaf without knowing what’s causing it, it is extremely hard to correct.

So, find a repro and I’m positive the developers can fix it.