Random violations, bugged overspeed sound.

I was doing a normal flight from EETN to EGLL in Boeing 737-800 until i got overspeed alert. I reacted immediately and reduced the speed on AP and speed went under the red line. Message on the top of the screen disapperead, but the sound did not. I was looking for help on Swiss001’s Discord server, tried many things, nothing did help, i decided just to ignore the sound since my speed indicator showed me that speed was ok. 1 hour passed and then i got live flight connection error, i tried to fix it, but since it didn’t work, i ended the flight. After i ended the flight, i randomly got 6 violations from nowhere. I was just checking my stats board like 30min before ending and it showed me 0. I was monitoring the flight and there were no alerts or violations expect still that annoying overspeed sound. Could you please remove the violations since i really like flying in the Expert server.

How fast were you flying? In a 737 you shouldn’t have been anywhere near 350 IAS above 10,000 feet and you shouldn’t be over 250 IAS below 10,000 feet.

I were flying with speed something with 340.

Yea that’s a bit fast. You should slowly achieve your cruise speed during your climb. As you gain altitude your ground speed will increase.

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Yea that is fast, but i didn’t have speed higher than red line… I was monitoring speed all the time. And the violations came after i ended the flight not before.

I was flying at altitude of 34.000ft

There’s no reason to push that aircraft to the red line. It’s not ideal nor is it realistic.

Yeah i was keeping the speed under red line, my speed was 0.77M. There were no violations alerts or anything. Just overspeed sound but i my speed was under overspeed red line.

Okay Mach .77 sounds okay for cruise. I’d recommend reinstalling the app and this shouldn’t occur again. Reinstall and try to replicate this and report back. Thanks

But what’s should i do with false violations? I just bought sub again and now i have to fly is training again…

If this was due to a bug then we can work on getting those removed for you but let’s get your app squared away first and then go from there.

There are times that we see folks forget to set their autopilot and they move away from their device and that’s when violations accumulate then they come back to a warning or violations already registered. It’s hard to decipher what occurred without proof such as a screen recording.


Alright i reinstalled the app. Everything is like it was before. Just a disclaimer, i had an actual overspeed alert, but i got no violations as i decreased the speed fast enough. I set speed to 0.77 M, but sound didn’t go off…

I have heared about that “overspeed bug” before too…

Btw, my callsign on the flight was Ryanair 247 and currently it is Finnair 247. My name that is showed is HR Ragnar.

So… Whats going on?

The “Overspeed Bug” that people are quoting does not cause violations. There is a bug where the audio remains when you overspeed and then slow down the alarm still goes off. But you are not receiving violations every 30 seconds until you land.

Unless we can get a video of it happening and it saying you got a violation even with you under the limit I don’t know how it can be investigated. We have asked this from others who have claimed the same thing.

So i can’t get rid of them? I did not have any message telling me that violation is reported. All was empty.

Not at this time. They will roll off over time.

There are feature requests for better logging of violations but they do show up. Sometimes it may be hard to see or quickly go away. The devs may add something going forward for logging, who knows.

I feel your pain. Similar thing happened to me last week.

Just grin and bear it for a week.

I would like to point out that I had exactly the same problem, Moreover, at no point was I over the regulation limit for airspeed, and yet, I received no less than 4 overspeed violations which bumped me from Grade 3 to Grade 1. Infuriating issue needs to be seen to

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