Random Stuff I Guess @ KDFW/KAFW

Did some editing this afternoon, just a random collection of new and photos a few weeks old. Apologies for them being a little pixelated, not sure what’s going on there.


Canon EOS 4000D
Canon EF-S 55-250mm (Temporary replacement for my 70-300mm that broke)

Head to head of a Draken F-1 Mirage pulling in to the Alliance ramp.

Shaw F-16 departing out of Alliance for what is most likely it’s last flight. Pilot had a little fun on takeoff and brought her up from 0 to10,000 feet in mere seconds.

Korean Cargo bird coming down Charlie for the cargo apron at DFW.

Qatar A350 on short final for 17L.

Cargolux 747-8F on final to 18L.

Same flight as before coming down Charlie to the cargo apron.

An Asiana 747-400F P2F conversion coming down Charlie for the cargo apron.

Asiana sure did make their winglets look nice, didn’t they?

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed. My Instagram is linked below.



Amazing pictures thanks for sharing 😃 The Cargo Lux is my favorite wonderful close up love it. Nice picture quality everything perfect :) I wish you a nice day :) and happy flying 🛫

But there aren’t any biz jets :/


Nice Stuff

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Send private plane pics 😏




Yes I stole that


Not any A350 but the A350-1000

Yep the A350-1000 is an A350 alright

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These photos do be amazing!

Awesome photos!

Is it tho

Dang, nice photos!

I’m literally sitting in the same spot you were.

Great photos! I love the Qatar A35K

Lovely pics

Nice Photos

Not the only one who broke lens

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Ah! I was going to go out for those after the AN-124 at DFW but ended up going home.

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Nice nice nice.

What settings?

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