Random Stall

Today I was flying from Phoenix to Honolulu, when early into the flight my plane started rocking back and forth heavily, so I disconnected the autopilot to try to regain control. After this happened, well, the pictures speak for themselves.

Can you give us a replay file or something?

They’re kinda like the black boxes of Infinite Flight.

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I’m sorry that this happened.

When you can, please send us your replay using sharemyinfiniteflight.com. This will allow us to see the state your aircraft was in when this occurred, and hopefully identify the issue.


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I’ll take a look now.

you were wobbling for quite awhile!

Haha yea I was doing school and glanced over to see it

Weight and altitude is what I am thinking. Could you state what your altitude was when you noticed the wobbling, as well as airplane load?

The pink parts were brought up in 21.1 Open-Beta

Alright. I just took a look. Based on your replay, it seems that you encountered some wind. It appears that you tried to conquer this by using the rudder. I think you may have hit the rudder too hard, causing the plane to shake (more than it was) and ultimately stall.


What were the pink parts for?

That’s a texture issue. It’s known. :)

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