Random spotting topic. Why not?

Well, since my car is currently not doing so great at the moment and I’m unable to go anywhere, might as well post up a new topic since it’s been awhile.

EVA 77W taxiing into Charlie after hauling some cargo from Taipei this past summer.

The C-17 Demo Team performing a big bank around the Alliance Air Show back in October. This is 02-1109, the same C-17 featured in the viral video of Kabul’s madness.

An AA 787 approaching 31L in an odd traffic pattern we’ve only seen twice.

German Government A340 blasting out of Fort Worth/Alliance a few months ago.

Air China’s “50 Anniversaire Chine-France” livery on short final for 24R at LAX back in July 2020.

Qatar 77W taxiing down Charlie on a cargo run.

Jacksonville P-3 Orion evacuating to NAS Ft. Worth from a previous hurricane.

Randy Ball and his MiG-17 pulling around the Defenders of Liberty Airshow at Barksdale Air Force Base.

Two Cowboys getting ready for a ride out of Fort Worth/Alliance.

And last, this is what happens when you turn the dehaze slider all the way down on a B-2. Stealth.

That’s all for this time. Enjoy.


Rip 2002 Honda Accord Ex Coupe V6


My favorite is the C-17 and the American 787

Also the FA18

Nope, it’s the Mariner this time. Gave the Honda to my brother so he could make it to class tonight.

Throttle body actuator is stuck open, powertrain and engine lights are on. Not fun times for me.


wait where is this?

This is the most diverse airport

The captions tell you where each photo was taken. A lot however are around the Dallas area I believe.

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Oh i didnt not see that Thanks i thought it was all one airport

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Who are you again

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Idk. Who are you?

New feature on the B-21 maybe, the power to just not exist

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United States Air Force release new B2 bomber with their new camouflage scheme, proven to be effective in combat. A plane spotter, @Altaria55 has this to say:

I was at the airport when I saw this B2 flying low over and it was really hard to see because of the new camo

The USAF are set to paint another B2 in a new de-haze scheme

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That’s what the B-21 is.

It was at an airshow.


It was a joke lol

Is the Adam whip gonna be ready by 24th?

The whip is in perfect working order. It was my brother’s car I was stuck with.

Honda > Ford

the whip is stuck on an evergreen boat

me: wait really? I didn’t see this on the news!