Random spotting part 2

Phone decided to act crazy and posted prior to completion
KCHS unusual for C17 to be facing the airfield instead of the base
KCHS FedEx ATR72 didn’t grab the tail number
imageimageimageimagefirst flight on a 787 Dreamliner this was a -8 Dulles to São Paulo British Airways 747 out the window
Various Tam airlines planes in a cleaning station atSao Paulo 777 in the foreground
BA 777-300er from London Heathrow and tail line up
Luftansa 747-400,Alitalia 777, Swiss Air A340,Airfrance 777, TAP A340, and the BA 777.
imageimageUnited 777 our bound and an American Airlines 777 ready for pushback


Wasn’t trying for two but when it decided to auto complete the post I couldn’t find the edit button. It all good though do to plenty of photos

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