Random Spawn location in-flight

Would anyone be interested in a random-spawn button that can be used in solo mode only. What it would do is place you in a random location at a ramdom (but reasonable) altitude and speed. You could choose to keep flying or could find the nearest airport tonland at.

Sometimes in solo, I don’t have the time, or feel committed enough to fly an entire flight and since doing a final approach is a bit short, having to start midflight and land would be perfect (for me at least). This button was once in X-Plane 9.


Random is Fun. It’s good idea. A bit longer flight then final approach is good and you’ll have more choice of airports to land from the flight.

Bumping to the top. Anyone else want this? Comments and suggetsions?

Yes sure as long as it doesn’t take an a380 to a small parking space. If you know what I mean…
Great Idea though

It would be a spawn in flight versus a random spawn on the ground.

Ah yes. Even better…lol sorry about that :)

I know there’s one for Aerofly. That would be awesome so you can fly in sectors

So essentially like the ‘landing’ button now? Yeah I suppose it can be used for quick flights etc

I suppose so that could be added.

I was thinking of being dropped at 30k feet and cruising Mach 0.75 in a 737-800 for example but of course, this feature could be molded in different ways depending on the preference of the user.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking of, except at a smaller scale of course.

This should be a good addition

hi.I would like to see a button to spawn in air (only on solo flight).we dont need to takeoff is it good?

Because it takes time and some of us just want to fly or cruise and land.

It’s random; your device’s computer will determine where to spawn you

couldn’t you just click on landing mode? i remember the older X-plane on the phone had that and you could do random spawning, does anyone know why they got rid of their multiple apps like i remember i had multiple x-plane apps

Actually I think there could be a good reason for doing “in-air spawning”.

For example if you want to replicate a long haul flight currently you have to do two separate flights, one in the area you start from (London Region for example) and the second in the region you wish to complete the flight (SoCal Region for example). On the first leg you could take off from LHR and fly to a specific waypoint to ‘end the flight’, at which point you either have option to end (as you do currently) or given the option to spawn in a different region at the same Flight Level, same thrust settings and course etc so that you could complete the flight into LAX for example.

I could see that as an easier option for programming and also memory space on devices) than other Global Flight which some people have suggested.

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so I started this topic right?? right?? XD

make a option before play.we can set our spawn,altitude and speed