Random solo flights


Some screenshots of random flights I did on solo, some of these shots I used for @JetSuperior5192’s The Great IFC Screenshot Competition. This was on solo so in the first, second and third picture, the other aircraft are also me.


Aircraft: Varied
Airline: Varied
Route: Varied
Flight Time: Most were between 30mins to about 2h
Server: N/A (Solo)

America West 757-200 taking off from Los Angeles. This was my first motion blur shot before this one so around end of April

Fake formation flight of A-10’s over the rockies with a cool sunrise

Fake arrivals at San Francisco International

EgyptAir 77W banking over California

China Airlines 77W banking over California

Turkish Airlines A321 slowing down at Brussels

EVA Air 77W cruising over California

Air India 747-400 sunset silhouette landing at Chicago-O’Hare

Swiss A330-300 on final (slightly over edited)

Emirates 77W cruising over the clouds into the sunset


I love the photos! Especially the first one. How did you edit the image to look like that?


Nice pics.
Also what editor do you use?

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thanks, I added motion blur to the picture using Adobe Photoshop

@Infinite_flight_HD I used mostly Adobe Photoshop express and also snapseed for a few


The original Photoshop, not Express?
Great photos!

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Thanks, yeah for the motion blur I used the actual Photoshop, the others I used Photoshop express

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Beautiful pictures, i love your editing!

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Very cool photos. Why do you have your engines off for some of them? Wouldn’t it be hard to fly? Again very cool edits and photos!

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Awesome Shots

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@applepro243 thanks @Roland_Hoffman thanks, I was trying to crate a frozen fanblade effect, which involved cutting my engines out. @Henrik003 thank you

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