Random Shots of 2021, by JetSuperior5192

They always do some kind of dramatic final topics of the year with “best pictures of 2021”, or whatever. Well, I’ll leave the drama here and present my random pictures of 2021, sponsored by JetSuperior5192 ©️.

🅱️L🅰️Ⓜ️E my B788 Landing

Aircraft: Various
Location: various
2021: ⛔
Humor: Yes

Hope you enjoy the worst pictures of the year. Remember to use the 🅱️!

Remember when I had to pay the NORAD?

About to start a Aer Lingus Air Race, max G’s is 2G. Gonna die with that…

Tounching down in the most underrated runway in the world: 24L.


The best robot controller in the world, @NJ24, intercepting the WZZVA gang… fortunately, he did it at his own will. @Jakub_Astary @DannyHL still traumatized about that?

Clown world war III 😎

@AviationFreak remember that?


Just for the ones who want the info more than the pictures 😊


Picture one: Airbus A359 to Singapore (Humor Topic)

Picture two: First long haul with the new A333!

Picture three: A happy French Boeing in LAX

Picture cuatro: A beautiful flight in a beautiful livery! MAD-CUN

Picture fünf: A beautiful Wizzair Group Flight. EGGW-LCLK

Picture 6: Cargo Action on Weekend: Part 2: FedEx around the world: Part 1

Picture Seven Eleven: Cargo Action on Weekend: Part 1: The German Delivery

Pictures 8, 9 and 10: Africa scenery: so beautiful, but really underrated

Picture 11: Oh wait I can’t, but Should I?

Never gonna make 2021 cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell 2021 a lie, and hurt 2021

Alright, year-roll is done, Happy new year everyone!

BYE BYE, 2021. Wishing all the best for 2022!


I love these Shots! 🙌🏼🔥

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Thank you mate!