Random Selection of Plane and Livery

Sometimes I wouldn’t want to make a choice but rather have the IFS system select a random aircraft / Livery at a press of a button. what say?

You could do it now, close your eyes and choose an aircraft and livery :).


This is a flight simulator, where you choose what aircraft and what livery you want to fly. This not a slot machine app. There are plenty more of those on the app store for you to choose from. 😉


🤔You might be one of a very few that would use this option. Most people know beforehand what they want to fly and where they want to go. Especially if you’re in a VA 🙂

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Even you havent voted for your suggestion! 😂
Just kidding. Anyway, I may be sorry to say this feature may not get much traction, as @DeerCrusher said, most pilots already know what we will be flying before we fire up IF.


I really think that is a good idea. Because I fly the same planes over and over with the same livery. I really would like it!

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technically just go on google and search random generator or something . And then create your own ;)

I thought of requesting this a while back but I was like “you know what? Let someone else request it” and here it is! Yes I had a lot of trouble picking a livery and an aircraft to fly in since there’s so many of them. I always fly in the liveries I’ve flown in before, so I guess you earned my vote!

Why have people even voted for this? If you really want, enter all the aircraft and liveries into a random generator. It’ll help.