Random report question

Hi I have a friend who was reported and he wants to see if they can get it reversed (although I said it’s unlikely). What’s the best way to contact if he doesn’t have an IFC account? (He’s not interested in creating one before you ask)

Unfortunately there is no way to reverse it other than in person appeals to ensure a fair violation removal to the linked account.

Can he contact support?

Violation reversals are handled by the appeals team which you need to contact via the IFC. Unfortunately I believe that is the process for everyone, so the user will need to create an IFC account to have their report reviewed by the appeals team.

Support is for technical issues with the app such as bugs, crashes, glitches etc, and therefore the support category and support email address should only be used for these circumstances.

Well ok. You guys should have a better way for people that don’t have an IFC and doesn’t want to create one.

They can PM appeals, it doesn’t have to be via the main community page, they don’t have to post a topic and it’ll be just with the appeals team.

There is no way they can reverse violations without communication :)

We have quite a solid way, in contrary to what you’ll find with many other multiplayer apps where there’s basically nothing for similar queries. There’s no harm in creating a Community account for the sake of appealing a violation :)