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Hello IFC! I had a random idea and wondered if anybody has the answer to it. Is it possible to control infinite flight from a separate device? My idea is possibly on my phone having a blank screen besides a on screen joystick that could be connected to my iPad to fly on IF. I hope I explained it good enough so y’all can understand. Please let me know if you are aware of something like this that exists, thanks :)

There’s nothing active that I know of when it comes to controlling Infinite Flight remotely. I know there have been attempts to do something like this in the past but none of them have panned out. Closest you can get to this so far would be using a physical joystick through Map Connect.

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This doesn’t help at all, but ForeFlight connected to Infinite Flight can replicate the PFD, including speed, altitude, and AOA. However, it does not have the ability to change the flight surfaces. Nonetheless, it would be cool if it could.

Yeah good app lol but once my free trial ran out I was like Aw heck nah, too expensive lol

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yeah that would be cool, then I could control my airplane at school

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