Random question

Do you guys ever just look up a registration number from an in game livery of a aircraft on flightradar (or any other flight tracker) and try to mimic the exact routes, times and call signs?

Sometimes I end up doing that with B737/A320 aircrafts with some of the liveries, I try to look up the what that aircraft is doing IRL and end up doing that if I can’t find anything else to do in game.

Just curious if I’m alone in this or not lol.


I do the very same thing, but I do not look up the exact aircraft registration. Once the flight is flown by the same type of aircraft and livery, I recreate it in Infinite Flight. I do this for nearly all of my flights thanks to Flightradar24.


I am the same way. And once in a blue moon the registration of the flight I am doing matches IRL to IF and it is always a welcome treat!

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I find this question way to good to be a ‘random question’.

I have done it once, and I found that that particular registration number was just about to land at JFK.

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