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Hey i was looking at the Securite Civile livery on the -8 and i know that can pick up water. If for fun i wanted to that what do i have to tell ATC?💀

Hmm 🤔
You have “IFATC” in VOs, shouldn’t you know then? 😂


I’m confused by “pick up water”

Here’s my random strings of text that could answer your random question

  • Tower
    If you are within tower’s airspace (25nm out, 5000 ft) and not interfere with traffic, you should be alright if it’s not one of the current hubs, although it would be cool to notify the controller why the heck are you stealing his water.
  • Approach/departure
    Just request a VFR clearance or, if you know a spot with the best refreshers in the area, request flight following and go about your thirstiness. Keep in mind, you don’t need to request altitude changes while flight following, unless you were specifically instructed to do so by IFATC.
  • Center
    Their airspace is FL180-FL600, but when approach is not present they can act as one, so if you run into this just do the same as in the approach/departure scenario.

Also, just a heads up, that beer belly on it doesn’t open, so you’ll need to use your imagination a bit more than you would need to on the 10 Air Tanker

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Haha yeah thanks im just bored might do it just now

Like what the DC-10 air tanker would do

Im training and i asked a mod if i can still put it and he said yeah

I mean anyone can…but if you aren’t a full member yet…I’d wait. It’s very misleading.


Im confused what is?

Putting IFATC as your virtual organization affiliation.

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