Random question: code for aircraft?

I know this is an unusual question - not sure where to put it - or even if I’ll get a response.

But how do you guys on the IF development team program flight dynamics? Laminar theory? Do you have a fluid environment you run test aircraft in to check out how a particular aircraft/airfoil reacts in varying conditions/configurations? Or is it merely text based flight dynamics like in the earlier versions of MSFS?

Not trying to take anyone’s jobs or even solicit proprietary information! I was just curious as to how the dev team creates these wonderful aircraft. I have a strong appreciation for the flight model/physics that are present in IF and was curious as to how these aspects are produced.

Thanks so much, and safe flying!


That’s a very good question! I’ve been digging around for about half an hour now and haven’t found much regarding the specifics of your question. I do know that they develop all aircraft in-house and from scratch. They do test their aircraft A LOT and use real-world physics for each and every aircraft. Since the development team is pretty small and not a lot of information is shared publicly, I can’t fully answer this question. Perhaps others may. I would like to know this as well!

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If anyone can answer that it’ll be @Laura, but I am not sure how much information we are willing or able to share.


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