Random Photos from San Francisco to New York | B772

Hi! This was from a while back, I didn’t really have that many good photos, so I tried my best to get the best ones. Most of them are lightly edited.


Aircraft: B777-200ER [American Airlines OneWorld Livery]
Server: Expert
Flight time: ~5 hours

Okay, let’s go! We start at some gate I chose, but I don’t remember…

So after choosing to taxi for a while, we finally liftoff runway 1L at KSFO. An A350 catches rotation.

So now we time travel about 5 hours forward, and now we are on final approach for runway 22R at John F. Kennedy.

Here is another buttery landing! :D

So, after we taxi to the gate, welcome to New York!

Okay, but before you guys start punching me for using a B777-200ER for this route, I wanted to just fly it around, so please don’t hurt me
Okie, bye!


I don’t blame you, I’ve been wanting to fly the 772 for a while now as well. But my game crashes after flying it for a while

Nice pictures!

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Thanks! Why does your game crash?

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No worries as long as you didn’t come straight in for a right base to 22R at JFK.

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My phone doesn’t run the graphics that great, and I hate turning down my settings.

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I understand that.

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Nice photos, can’t lie, sometimes I’ll use impractical planes for routes like this as well, just because they fly well and look amazing.


Yes! I completely agree with that, some planes you just want to fly around!!

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