Random Loss of Connection after 5+ hrs of flight on Live

Hi, I’ve been having issues with Infinite Flight after I do a flight that’s over 5 hours. It seems that at around the 5 hour mark, the connection keeps dropping and reconnecting. I can reproduce such a bug every time after I fly for over 5 hours.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Restarted my router (twice)
  2. Checked my internet connection (50 mbps downlaod and 35 mbps upload)
  3. Tried to reproduce the bug - positive result w/ 2 devices (both restarted prior to flight)

I’ve tested on the following:

  • iPad Pro (iOS 10.1.1)
  • iPad Air 2 (iOS 10.3.1)
  • iPhone 7 (iOS 1.2.1)
  • iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 1.2.1)

Server Type does not seem to affect my connection; tested on Casual and Expert.

I’ve attached a photo that displays my flight time being over 5hrs and connection dropped.

Any suggestions for fixes are greatly appreciated.


Maybe because you were on for 5 hours. The servers might not support it yet 🤔Idk just a guessv

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I don’t have to fly 5 hours to have connection drops. It just happens, and I’m sure that the devs are aware.

Sometimes maybe there server drops. The server might glitch out sometimes. I’m sorry this is all I can tell you. If you need more help, contact a dev 😉👌

What server are you flying in (and please (OCD kicking in) update your devices to the latest update.

Server Type does not matter (added to main topic)

No, it does. If for example TS1 in SoCal it might get really busy around the 5 hour mark and SoCal just can’t handle it.

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Just wanted to add that the longer the flight, the greater the chance that you’ll have connection problems. Restarting device, making sure all other apps are closed seems to help, for me at least.


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@Aussie_Wombat Misunderstanding - I meant it does not affect my connection drops.

@Karis - I’ve already done the following prior to testing.

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Well, like I said, it is an issue and the devs are aware. Will be interesting to see if this remains an issue once global goes live. Though, personally, I have no intention of doing a 5+ hour flight. But that’s just me.


Had the same thing happening to me. I thought that my wifi was the best so I blamed it on the server. I would lose signal often and it always happened during approach. Well…I went to visit my mom for a week and her wifi was top notch. The whole week, I had NO issues at all. The point? It might be your wifi.

I believe this is known and will be fixed in the upcoming release.

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As @Mark_Denton knows, I do a lot of super long flights. I’m talking 8-12 hours of circles. Yeah…

Anyways, I experience this between the 1 hour and 6 hour mark. After that it refreshes and works perfectly for the rest of the flight. Not sure what exactly is happening here…

Here’s what I think.

From my understanding, the server has a certain amount of RAM, and therefore refreshes every 5-ish hours. The connection issue might be occuring during those periodical refreshes when it clears its RAM.

Huh? Why should it refresh because of the RAM and cause connection issues? No, this is not the reason :)


Thanks for the detailed feedback and we’re sorry to hear you’re having connection issues! Unfortunately this may be one of the few limitations with our current setup, however, with the next update you can expect much better performance on long hauls. As many Community members have said, hours and hours of successful flights have already been completed!



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