Random live+

I bought live for a month about 2 weeks ago and when i logged on last night, I had all the planes and a subscription for the next 6 months, has anyone else had this?

On a side note. I’m pretty proud of this picture where I spawned on Laura!

Happy Christmas all!


This is a bug glitch please put it in support as it’s a persistent problem

Many other people have been having these issues, however i cant find the link to the topics. I think it is a known problem. Im sure FDS are looking into it. Enjoy it while it lasts :)

The creator is not reporting a problem but stating that they got Live+ for the cost of Live.

Apparently a few others have too: Weirdest, yet awesome glitch to ever happen to me in Infinite Flight - #8 by Daniel_Cerritos

I didn’t know the C-130 was so small!

You’re a lucky person, Buddy

This is a known glitch, FDS are looking onto it ;)
Idk why I didn’t receive the same bug tho :/

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Maybe you didn’t know the 767 was so big?


Maybe… I thought the C-130 was one of the biggest aircraft in the game! I remember back when the C-130 was first announced, I thought it was a type of Cessna…

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Just changed it, Sorry for the mistake ^-^"

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The C-130 is about the size of a E170.

Lol it doesn’t matter just could be embarrassing ;-)

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Ah yeah looks to be a glitch. Just opened the app again and missing a few planes!

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