Random Lag

Hello everyone,

I use an Iphone 12 and I play on 60 fps as I don’t like the slow feeling of 30 fps and I started a flight and then when I got to around cruise my phone started to get really hot and the game was slightly laggy is this normal or do I have a wrong setting in the settings app, my graphic settings are a mixture of High and Medium,

thank you

The first quote is the reason for the 2nd, especially on a phone that you’re holding in.
And when a device heats up too much, it will start to throttle down performance which in turn leads to lower frames.

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Thank you for your reply,

shouldn’t an Iphone 12 be capable of holding a good performance with 60 fps though?

Not if your preventing the heat from dissipating by holding it or even having a case on, I’m afraid not.

Okay thank you I will try it without a case and see if that helps it and if not I will just live with 30 fps

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There’s a reason we have this message displayed when switching to 60fps :)

It’s not only the frame rate that increases. Everything else is double as well such as physics calculation, frame rendering etc (which requires lots of resources).


Use a cooler.

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