Random IF Shutdown

Hi Everyone,
I hope you’re all keeping safe. My ipad will randomly freeze for a minute then go to the home screen, when I turn IF back on it goes to the IF homepage and the flight is logged in my log book with no “To” airport (Arrival airport) and no landing in my stats (even if it happens after landing). It only happens after an input from me. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Also is there a way to delete these from my log book? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, George :)

Does this happen when you using ATC/unicom?

Yeah, I think so

Just happend to me. Have you tried to mute the ATC volume?

Go to settings & set ATC volume to 0.

No I haven’t. I will go and try that now thank you very much :)

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Just to elaborate on this, please see Cameron’s reply.


I tried muting ATC and it has worked for me when I did a flight last night

I had an hour ago or so the same problem but without even changing the frequency 🤷🏻

Read the banner & linked topic :)