Random game crashes when ATC is busy

This began occurring this morning and my device has crashed 3 times today so far. The crashes all occur before I can take off and they all seem to happen when the ATC frequency is quite busy. The ATC audio will start cracking and then the game freezes and the app crashes. I’ve never encountered this crash before today. I do think it’s related to ATC because I did two flights out of airports with no ATC today and the crashes did not occur and everything was fine.

Device: 12.9” iPad Pro (M1)
Operating system: iPadOS 17.2.1

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what are your graphic settings? Aircraft density? What airport?

Everything is on High, Antialiasing is On, frame rate set to 30 fps and airplane count is set to Very High. I thought the M1 iPad Pro would be able to handle it because I’ve used these settings for years now. Perhaps it’s too much now.


I am using the same device and are not experiencing these issues.

So, have you tried to simply restart your device to begin with? :)

Yep, I did a couple device restarts and I also cleared the scenery cache. Should I try deleting and redownloading the app?

Happens to me too
It’s frustrating when game crashes in short final

Yeah I agree. I’ve encountered random game crashes before but I’ve never heard the app audio start crackling like that so I thought I’d just post it in here in case anybody else is experiencing it.

There have been several issues that caused the app to crash.
Many have been fixed and those fixes will be made available in the next official release.

This however makes me think it’s something to do with a temporary lack of resources.

Apple doesn’t seem to be handling RAM as well as it used to.
You said you already rebooted your device several times, so that should have helped.

In some cases deleting and reinstalling the app might help.
Since you’ve only been experiencing this issue since very recently and since rebooting doesn’t seem to help, this could be one of those cases.
When you do though, you will lose your settings as well as all your replays and locally saved airport edits, if there are any.
So please backup the replays if you want to keep those.

I also have the M1 iPad Pro 12.9.
It can handle everything set to the highest settings including 60 FPS.

Let us know how it goes.

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Yeah this happened to me just now when I was going into Mumbai and the atc was quite busy and I was quite shocked tbh because this is the first time it’s occurred in ages

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Yep, it just happened to me in Mumbai as well! I was holding short, waiting for takeoff clearance and poof, the ATC sound crackled and the app crashed.

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Same exact thing happened to me although I was descending through 8000ft and then my screen froze and crackled. I was really annoyed since I came all the way from Zurich which is roughly 7 hours and a half but yeah I thought they fixed this problem and I was just in massive disbelief when it crashed. I hope they do fix this though as I don’t want this problem to be reoccurring.


I was about to make a support claim for the same reason. I play on the iPad Pro 11 Inch and when ATC was busy back in the Honolulu flyout, my game crashed. First it froze, then crackled, then the game shut off. It happened 5 times, 3 while at the gate, 2 while taxiing cause i was luckily able to make it out expecting a different result. Then, for my 6th attempt everyone was in sequence for the runway so there were still a lot of atc messages but not as much. I was finally able to take off.

I was just at EWR and it is quite busy currently. While taxiing it just crashed for me as well. Same thing.

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Yeah that’s exactly my experience at busy airports. I have done everything from deleting and reinstalling the app, clearing the scenery cache, adjusting graphical settings but it seems to still occur. Oddly enough, I was able to do multiple flights out of KEWR today without any issue. The devs are aware so hopefully it’s fixed in the next update. I’ve just been flying to/from more non-ATC staffed airports for the time being.

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It just happened again while I was landing at DFW. ATC was very busy and the game crashed as soon as my wheels touched the runway.

It also happened to me while I was in Miami with the ATC active, I got too frustrated The airport was super busy, I uninstalled the app and downloaded the graphics to medium and at the moment everything is going well.

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Yep happened to me in Dallas yesterday when I was on approach and it’s just really frustrating. Luckily there was flight resume so I just used that.

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