Random freezing for 5-10 seconds


So I just completed a flight to RJTT in the 359 and about 15 minutes in, IF started completely freezing for a few seconds at a time. It would freeze for 5-10 seconds inconsistently and then be fine for the next 30 odd seconds. Made landing quite stressful.

I’ve actually noticed this once before about a year ago but never seen it since.

Another thing, when I was on final the markings on the runway didn’t show up until about 1-2NM out. Not sure if they are linked.

No third party apps, settings on the usual for my iPad mini 4, and my iPad has plenty of storage.

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

This happens to me too, I hope they find the problem.

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Just now seems to be a issue with apple devices im on a 3rd gen iPad pro and i still have issues though. Try deleting and redowloading the app and it should be fine for about 18-20 flight hours

This is a result of the recent IF update in which the A350 was released. Hopefully it’d fixed at some point but I’m pretty sure it’s like the crashing issue and comes down to issues with the recent iOS that was released around the same time.

The only way to fix it is to lower the airplane count, possibly to none.

My aircraft count has been on none since the A350 update anyway. Surprisingly the crashing issue has stopped for me. It still can’t handle third party apps and for the first few months it crashed after 6-7 hours but I can now do long haul flights of 10 hours or more with no problem… weird.

Not sure about the crashing but the airplane count from my testing is what causes the lag/freezing.

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